The Importance of Teaching Preschoolers to Have a Caring and Compassionate Nature

Children are born with the ability to show compassion and to care for others. However, these feelings also have to compete with those of impulse control. In today’s world hatred and turmoil can be seen at every turn and twist. Hence it is important that children learn to be caring and compassionate right form a young age.

The ages between three and five are the most formative years for children. This is the time they start to understand the difference between good and bad. Therefore it is essential that value education be included in preschool education as the children spend a lot of time in the preschools. Children being small themselves are more able to relate to small animals, other children and soft toys. Here is where preschool education has an advantage. The children have other children that they can relate to and this helps them build bonds and friendships with which it is easier to teach them to care about each other.

A child’s mind is pure and the thoughts of racism and other such unwanted topics do not occur to them. They will play and talk to almost everyone and all that matters is how they treat each other. Including values in preschool education can help in building a world where such negative thoughts do not exist. The children should be taught that although they may look different and have some differences deep down they are all the same. This will create a better world for them to live in a world without racism, prejudice, war, etc.

One cannot teach children the importance of having a caring nature by giving them lectures or teach them compassion by taking them to soup kitchens. It has to be in some way that is understandable to them. Thus most of the time these lessons are carried out in the playground where the children are taught to share with each other or to help out another child who is hurt. It also helps to teach children that actions have consequences; if they behave badly towards another child they will be punished. The rules for good behaviour should be set and these should remain the same every day.

Toddlers now a day’s spend most of their time in preschools or after school care as most parents are busy hence including these lessons in preschool education is important.