How Can Kindergartens Help Create Curiosity and Interest in the World around the Child

The world around is a fascinating place, and with the imagination of a kid it is also a magical place if they only get the chance to explore it. Kindergarten teachers can help feed this curiosity by giving children projects about the topics that they are interested in. Although a kindergarten also teaches the kids traditional curriculum it also helps the kids learn more about themselves and the world around them in a more interactive way. Here is how teachers in kindergarten school in singapore can help create curiosity in kids using traditional subjects.

Language and Literacy

Teachers can read various story books and poems to the children so that they learn new words and get in touch with poetry. The kindergarten children learn that certain words go together. They can learn about proper pronunciation of different words. This is a very important step in learning. Oral learning is not the only aim o the kindergarten, although the children will not be able to form words their scribbles and string of letters will tell a story which they can express in their own words.


With the help of math material such as counting cubes and number rods kindergarten children can get familiar with numbers and counting. Small objects such cookies can be used to help children learn the concepts of addition and subtraction. The concept of time can be taught using the classroom clock even though children may not be able to read time, they will understand that one duration is more than the other.


Small projects can be assigned to child to understand science and how things work. Having small animals in the classroom can help children learn about the lifecycle of the animals. Also having excursions to different kinds of areas such as riverbeds, mountains, etc. and getting children to observe the animals and plants that are seen in those areas.

Social Studies

Kindergarten students begin to get out into the larger community and neighbourhood outside of their homes and classrooms. Here they start to learn the rules of society and begin to form an opinion about right and wrong. Different children will have different points of views and understanding of different issues. This will help them grow as individuals.

Kindergartens in Singapore give the children all of these experiences and help them not only get to know themselves but also explore the world around them and grow to love it.