Things every parent should know about private school

Are you planning to send your little one to a good private school?  Do you have certain burning questions in mind regarding the private school that you picked? Here are some important things that you must note about a private school.
Private schools provide excellent learning environments

Many reputable private schools focus on educating their students in such a manner that they are well-prepared for their college studies, by the time they leave these schools. Additionally, advanced courses in placement are provided in a majority of such schools.  You will find many private school offering IB programs.  Moreover, IB and AP courses need experienced and well-qualified teachers. The curricula have been designed in such a manner that students who secure good scores in their final exams are able to skip several freshman courses in a host of subjects.

Private schools offer sports and extracurricular activities as an essential part of their curriculum

A good Singapore private school provides several extracurricular activities for its students. Clubs of different interests, community services, and interest groups, visual and performing arts are some such extra curriculum activities, which are offered in most private schools. Academic teaching and extra curriculum activities go hand in hand in these private schools and they are not treated as “extra”. Schools put a lot of emphasis on them. In order to provide a holistic education to every child, private schools combine arcane disc with sports and other extra curriculum activities. In fact, many private schools want that their students should participate in some form of a sport. The teachers need to be also involved actively as sports coaches in many cases. You will hardly find a cut in extracurricular activities and sports since they are an integral part of the curricula in many private schools.

Private schools have certain zero tolerance policies and ensure constant supervision

An excellent feature of many private schools is that many of them have a policy of zero tolerance in the matters like codes of. Induct and their rules. Activities like bullying, cheating, hazing and substances abuse are not acceptable at all. As a result, you can be assured that your children will get educated in a safe and secure environment. Another attractive feature of a reputable private school is that your children are not treated as just numbers. There is no concept of back benches and they cannot hide from discussions in the back of a class.